Friday, May 18, 2007

Life Hacking - the blogs

One of the concepts I've found interesting lately is "Life Hacking". Put simply, it's using different tools, techniques, resources, whatever to make life better in some way. In a simpler time, people would call these "helpful hints", but I guess the relabeling makes it relevant.

Two of my favorite blogs out there give (multiple) daily doses of advice. I find myself checking them at least daily.

lifehacker - This site has both technical and lifestyle hacks, with the focus being on technical. If you want to know how to fine tune Firefox or find a utility that does x,y and z in Linux, this is a good starting point. I've found several cool tools on this site that have solved sticky problems or made my life easier in some other way. - I think of this site as the yin to lifehacker's yang. It covers the same topics, but the focus tends to be more on lifestyle hacks. There's a deep well of career and productivity hacks here, which ironically, can bring my productivity to zero as I start reading through the archives.

Both of these sites are well-written and the advice is usually solid. They also have multiple authors, so you don't see the "work was crazy so I haven't posted in a few weeks" syndrome. I would recommend checking both out.

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